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Is it true that some merchants have see many new customers the very same day they join Mobile Bandit?

Yes, we are proud to say that many of our merchants have! View our merchant testimonials.

Is anyone else doing anything like Mobile Bandit?

No! We are unique from any other company. Our technology and business separate us from the competition.

What kind of guarantee do I have advertising with Mobile Bandit?

We deliver customers plain and simple! We gaurantee positive results or your money back. Let’s see any other company do that!

Why should I use Mobile Advertising over other forms?

Simply put, Mobile Bandit advertising saves you time, money and brings you customers. You have 100% control over your advertising.

We show you statistics so you know exactly how your advertising is working. Traditional advertising is expensive and time consuming with very little ROI (return on investment) With Mobile Bandit your advertising is created and then instantly published to thousands of local shoppers that are shopping your city and looking to spend.

Mobile Bandit subscribers share businesses everyday with their friends and family via, email or Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and over 300 other social networking sites making us the most popular social networking shopping app available with local shoppers.

Is Mobile Bandit a GROUP BUYING company?

No! We are very different!

Hundreds of "daily deal" and "group buying companies" have made a big splash lately. They might seem good on the surface but many merchants are left very unhappy with the results. Sure there are no up-front costs, and they even may offer money up front, but at what cost to your business?

It is very costly to run a "group deal campaign", because these companies ask you for a deep discount on a large portion of your products or services and then take more than 50% in commission of each deal they sell.

Combine that with very little control over your customer flow, fine-print contracts and expensive hidden costs like, credit card transaction fees.

Mobile Bandit does not sell deals or take commisions! We simply deliver huge traffic but in a way you can easily and properly manage with no fine-print contracts, no transaction fees or hidden costs.

Our system ensures a profitable and pleasant experience for you and your new customers, a true win-win-win experience.

Are Mobile Bandits smart-phone shoppers my demographic?

Our current subscribers are 25 - 55 years old, above average income earners with more than average disposable income, involved in community, post secondary educated.

I see people with Smart-Phones all the time but just how popular are they?

The iPhone and Androids are the most popular phones today. In a recent survey of the top Canadian cellular companies including Rogers, Telus, Fido and Bell., the iPhone and Android phones have sold millions in Canada and have been the top-selling phones 3 years in a row.

My business is a home based business and only on the Internet. Can I advertise on Mobile Bandit?

Sorry, no. Mobile Bandit is a location based service and all Mobile Bandit merchants must have a physical store location for customers to be able to visit. Internet and Home Based businesses don't qualify for our advertising platform.

Ok I'm sold! What are my advertising payment options with Mobile Bandit?

Your transaction is 100% secure, fast and easy with PayPal or any Major Credit Card. Need to pay by cheque or money order? Call us at 1-888-880-9089 to speak with a customer service representative about other payment options.

I went through the registration process but I did not get a verification email.

The verification email has probably gotten stuck in a spam or junk mail filter somewhere. You may want to check your "junk mail" folders. If you don't see it there please email us at and we will resend it to you.


For Shoppers

How much does it cost to use Mobile Bandit?

Nothing! Nada! It’s 100% FREE for your iPhone, iPad, Ipod Touch and Android device. Click HERE to get the App and start saving and exploring your great city today.

I don't have an iPhone or Android but I want Bandit on my BlackBerry Mobile phone!

Mobile Bandit is available for the Blackberry Touch devices in BETA stage. Please like us on Facebook or join our Twitter feed to be alerted for our official updates.

Is Mobile Bandit available in my area?

Mobile Bandit has had an overwhelmingly successful launch in our BETA city so we are preparing a national launch in 7 more major Canadian cities: Victoria, Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal. We are also preparing to launch in over 50 Major U.S cities. Please follow us on Facebook or Twitter to follow our expansion dates.

What kind of personal information do you collect?

None! Mobile Bandit was designed with privacy in mind. We are strongly committed to your privacy and don’t collect or give out any information.

Will any businesses ever send me unsolicited offers?

No. The merchant doesn’t have access to any information about you and they will never send you any unsolicited information.

General Questions

Is Mobile Bandit available in Canada only?

For now, yes. Our BETA launch was in Vancouver and surrounding cities. Based on our success we are preparing to launch in another 7 major Canadian cities and 50 US cities. Please follow us on Facebook or Twitter to follow our expansion dates.

Why can't I find my favorite merchant in my city?

Mobile Bandit is signing up businesses in new cities every day. If you know of a business that you would like to see on our network in your city please let them know about us.

Who should I contact if I have a problem using Mobile Bandit?

If you have any comments, suggestions or problems using Mobile Bandit please use the contact form and someone from our support staff will get back to you as quickly as possible. Our responses could be in as little as five minutes, but could take up to 24 hours.

"One of the best apps I have ever used. It has lead me to so many wonderful businesses."

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*Mobile Bandit guarantees a min amount of hits in the first month we do not guarantee any redemptions. Your listing must be active for the first 30 days

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